Virtual Reality Project: Virtual Unism created by Gosia Koscielak in collaboration with the EVL LAB, UIC, Chicago, September 2005


The idea for Virtual Unism begin in 1994 with research and conceptual artworks done by Gosia Koscielak based upon the theory of Unism, a modernist art theory created in the beginning of the XX century by Wladyslaw Strzeminski and Katarzyna Kobro in Poland. In Spring 2005, Gosia Koscielak proposed Electronic Visualisation Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago collaboration on an art project to create a virtual reality artwork based upon her concept and Unism theory.

Katarzyna Kobro and Wladyslaw Strzeminski in their book Space Compositions: Space - Time - Rythm and Its Calculations from 1931, described the mathematics of the open spatial compositions in terms of an 8:5 ratio which lead to their Unism theory.

Kobro in her theory literally created the model of virtual sculpture, which was open to infinity through the rhythm based on the golden section and the ratio 8/5. This model evolves from the natural harmonic proportion, which is found in nature. She also used the golden section, coming from Pythagorean theory and Fibonacci sequence of natural numbers.

Kobro was interested in the process of creating arts towards nature using technology and looking closely to the biomechanical architecture of human body. In Kobro's theory a human body movement in space and time creates form, the sculpture. Harmony of rhythms accordingly to the sculpture in infinity.

"Virtual Unism" shows how virtual reality could create forms in the infinity, and how Kobro's theory can be translated, interpreted in virtual space. It is an introduction to the experiencing sculpture as an infinite energy of form, of time and space.

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