07.14 - 08.10.2007

Small Heading

Zafos Xagoraris, Untitled, mixed media on paper, 1997


curated by Gosia Koscielak, MFA

Zafos Xagoraris is a multimedia artist whose work combine sound installation, painting and video. His paintings on paper are predominantly black and white, with deep layers of black, and sometimes midnight blue, acrylic scumbled with deft brushwork and graceful gestural drawings of people and things. His works often depict crowd scenes of identical fugures set in vast landscapes, emblematic machines of observation-probation, architectural elements and volcanoes. He also references the simple but culturally complex form of a bell, one of the most primary human artifacts connoting comumunity, buried in the earth.

Xagoraris's work is reflective and melancholy: human figures appear as dark black marks turned upside down and set aflame, while spaces of enclosure, isolation and entrapment, crashes, catastrophies and conflicts confront and challenge the viewer in fluid, seemingly unfinished pictures. His works represent absence and displacement through a poetic accumulation of images and concepts that span human history from the time of the ancient bell to digital times. Xagoraris took part in the project PARADIGMATA, representing Greece in the 9th Venice Biennale of Architecture, and in The 27th Sao Paulo Biennial in Brazil. He lives and works in Athens Greece.

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