09.08. - 09.28.2006

Richard Purdy, Tulipifera, wax encaustic, ink on wooden panel,

1999 - 2000, courtesy of the artist.



curated by Gosia Koscielak,MFA

The exhibition Heart Throb, Susan Sensemann draws on the tradition of alchemy and magical realism in which the wondrous transformations of dirt into gold or of a human being into animal transpire and signify a special affinity between the micro- and macrocosm, between humankind and nature, between reason and imagination. Within Sensemann's works the influence of the ancient alchemical symbolism of Northern Renaissance artists such as Hieronimus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the Elder or Lucas Cranach can be detected as well as the magical realism of the more recent works of Ana Mendieta. Sensemann's sensibility is also close to the Surrealists, and medieval alchemists in their quest for the elusive philosopher's stone. Like Breton, Sensemann sees this stone as a means to liberate the imagination through the " long immense reasoned disarrangement of the senses"

With Heart Throb, Susan Sensemann takes us on an artistic quest for poetry and magical gesture in life, creating self-portrait of contemporary woman.

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