08.04. - 08.28.2006

Richard Purdy, Tulipifera, wax encaustic, ink on wooden panel,

1999 - 2000, courtesy of the artist.


curated by Gosia Koscielak,MFA

Mark Baldridge, Annette Barbier, Hans Bernhard, David Blum, Drew Browning, Ben Chang, Catherine Foster, Scott Kildall, Toshihiro Komatsu, Zbigniew Oksiuta, Erik Olafsen, Richard Purdy, Silvia Ruzanka, Galina Shevchenko, Ubermorgen, David Zerlin, La Bande Sans Fin.

Annette Barbier and Drew Browning

You Are Here, Pure Data & GEM projection onto the exteriors of the gallery building visible from the Kennedy Expressway (I-94), near exit 48B

La Bande Sans Fin, electro - audio - visual performance

Crossmediale 1 is an exhibition focusing on new media art. The concept of the installation of this show allows the viewer to move freely between artworks produced in vr, photography, and video, aimd images derived from quantum mechanics, cosmology, computer programming, and fractal geometry - as exemplified by the encaustic on wood pieces by New York artist Richard Purdy. Artworks included in this exhibition traverse media and concepts.

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