An exhibition of American and International art in various media


 Annette Barbier (Chicago), Drew Browning (Chicago), Janina Ciezadlo (Chicago), Kinga Czerska (Seattle), Dennis Kowalski (Chicago), Claire Wolf Krantz (Chicago), Adela Matasova ( Prague), Jose Luis Molina ( Madrid), Aleksandra Rdest (Toronto), Susan Sensemann

(Chicago), Zafos Xagoraris (Athens), Frances Whitehead (Chicago), Fern Valfer (Chicago), Kathleen Vojta (Chicago).

In Transit features art that evokes a broad concept of travel and commuting through culture, space, and consciousness. In Transit is an investigation of artistic response to a developed and conscious reality in the contemporary world with presence of topics that change our understanding of transcultural culture and human existence.

Gosia Koscielak (c) 2005 - 2017 All rights reserved

04.07. - 05.12.2006

Frances Whitehead, Installation, 2006

curated by Gosia Koscielak, MFA